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Antonio Caparo
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Salvador Dali ~ “The Stillness of Time”, 1975

Also known as “La Noblesse du Temps, Persistance de la memoire”, Dali infused this masterpiece with elements he depicted during his own lifelong obsession with sex and the fleeting passage of time. With the bravura of an Old Master draftsman, Dalí delineates with great flourish the figures flanking the melting timepiece.
Sensuously rendered, Venus stands at the left holding a mirror, an attribute for vanity and lust.  She is self-absorbed and seemingly unaware that she is entangled in Vulcan’s net. At the right sits an angel, a divine messenger of life and death, in contemplation before the keeper of time in our waking state. In the dream state, however, the watch or clock is no longer relevant; our reality has morphed the distortion of time and memories become obfuscated. <source>
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Deenesh Ghyczy ~ “Small Universe”, 2003
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Sam Weber ~ “The Priest that Preyed”
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The Seven Arts, (1944) by Salvador Dali.
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Velveeta Heartbreak ~ “Seed Head”
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Illustration from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
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by XUH
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Ceri Richards (British, 1903-1971), Drawing for a Poem by Dylan Thomas, 1947. Ink and watercolour, 14¾ x 21½ in.
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"Tread" by Craig Maher on INPRNT